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How a 100 Years of Breeding Has Ruined Some Dogs

How a 100 Years of Breeding Has Ruined Some Dogs
We probably don't have to tell you that when it comes to getting a dog, rescuing – either from a reputable rescue or an animal shelter – is ten times better than buying from a breeder or pet shop. New insights into how breeding has changed many dog …

The Dog Paddle Is Just an Underwater Jog
For the research, presented at the 2014 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting held in Austin, biologist Frank Fish and colleagues started out with eight dogs representing six breeds. They ranged from Yorkshire terriers to the …
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Columbia city officials explore limits on pit bulls and 'bully breeds'
The phrase “bully breed” refers to the family of dogs that pit bulls belong to, not that the dogs are “bullies” that wantonly attack, according to various Internet dog breed sites. The pit bull discussion came up in the context of discussing a possible …
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Stop the danger dogs: Licensing and compulsory microchipping plan is
Mr Grahame, who was the principle author of the Control of Dogs Act 2010, said: "So many dogs involved are crossbreeds and a problem with the Dangerous Dogs Act was it gave four breeds of dog which were not the dogs doing these awful attacks.
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