Snakes: UNR chemistry grad did venomous research

Snakes: UNR chemistry grad did venomous research
Venom from some of the most poisonous snakes on Earth could one day answer questions about neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease. Boris Zhang spent part of his undergraduate career at the University of Nevada, Reno, working on a …
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Venomous Snakebite Captured in a Photo
The incident occurred in January 2014, in a nature reserve in southern Sri Lanka where the man found two specimens of the snake, called the Sri Lankan keelback. The snake measured 15.6 inches (39.7 cm), the biologist learned, before the animal bit his …
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One drop of this snake's venom could kill 500 people
Tracey and Shaun Bodington are snake experts from the Imhoff Snake Park in the Western Cape. They joined us in studio to speak about South Africa's snakes. They tell us which are venomous, how they behave and what to do if you encounter one.
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I'm a Celebrity's Medic Bob has removed 20 venomous snakes from camp
He told Joe: “Last year we relocated 20 venomous snakes!” Bob also revealed that a member of the crew was bitten by a funnel-web spider – the most deadly spider in the world. Suddenly, the appeal of the jungle is decreasing for us. Joe got a …

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