New W.Va. regulations curtail collection of venomous snakes

New W.Va. regulations curtail collection of venomous snakes
JOHN McCOY | Gazette New regulations provide protections for timber rattlesnakes, West Virginia's official state reptile. Collectors will no longer be able to take as many as they want; the regulations set the annual bag limit at one snake at least 42 …
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Man bites and kills venomous snake in central India
They are, however, highly venomous and up to 80 per cent of their victims die after suffering progressive paralysis. There has been a series of attacks on snakes on the Indian subcontinent in recent years in which they were bitten and killed by people …

Venomous snakes! Kenan takes us into a cool venomous snake display and spends the day learning about these deadly animals. He also learns the best way to not…
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