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Public safety, animal welfare trump pleasure of exotic pets

Public safety, animal welfare trump pleasure of exotic pets
Last week, a Brazilian man was caught trying to smuggle 27 snakes wrapped in nylon hose and stashed inside stereo speakers, checked as luggage, at Orlando International Airport. He allegedly admitted that he planned to breed them for the pet trade.
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Salmonella outbreak linked to pet turtles
"Many people don't know that turtles and other reptiles can carry harmful germs that can make people very sick. For this reason, turtles and other reptiles might not be the best pets for your family, especially if there are children 5 years old and …
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Pet Pointers: Legless Lizard
In captivity Legless Lizards can live into their 50s if care for properly and should only be kept if you are willing to make a lifetime commitment. Before you bring home any pet, whether it's a reptile or a mammal, do some research and be sure you have …
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Want to rent a gator? Local attraction can help you out
Alligators have been calling Florida home since before the first humans arrived, but lately they're expanding their range into some unlikely places — such as the waiting room of a doctor's office. The wranglers at Gatorland are branching out, offering …
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